Best Top Paying Trucking Companies for Inexperienced Drivers


Best Top Paying Trucking Companies for Inexperienced Drivers

For aspiring truck drivers looking to kick-start their careers, finding the right trucking company can make all the difference. The trucking industry is known for its well-paying jobs, but it can be challenging for inexperienced drivers to know where to start. In this article, we'll explore the best top-paying trucking companies that welcome inexperienced drivers. Whether you're a recent graduate of a trucking school or a career changer, these companies offer competitive compensation, excellent training programs, and promising career paths.

Schneider National

Schneider National is a renowned trucking company that has a strong reputation for offering opportunities to inexperienced drivers. They operate an extensive fleet of well-maintained trucks and provide comprehensive training programs to help new drivers gain the skills they need. Schneider National also offers competitive pay packages and a variety of routes to choose from, making it a great choice for those looking to enter the industry.

CRST International

CRST International” is another top pick for inexperienced truck drivers. They offer a unique team driver training program, which allows you to team up with an experienced driver, helping you gain hands-on experience while earning a paycheck. CRST International also boasts a competitive compensation package and a commitment to the success of its drivers.

Prime Inc.

Prime Inc.” is an industry leader known for its comprehensive training programs for new drivers. They offer paid CDL training, a generous tuition reimbursement program, and a variety of driving opportunities. Prime Inc. values its drivers and provides them with excellent benefits, including a solid pay structure and opportunities for career advancement.

Knight-Swift Transportation

Knight-Swift” Transportation is one of the largest trucking companies in North America, making it an attractive option for inexperienced drivers. They offer an extensive network of service centers, making it easy for drivers to access support when needed. The company provides competitive pay and a host of benefits, including health insurance and retirement plans.

Werner Enterprises

Werner Enterprises” is known for its commitment to driver development. They offer a wide range of career paths, including dedicated, regional, and over-the-road positions, giving inexperienced drivers the opportunity to choose the route that suits them best. Werner Enterprises offers competitive pay and an excellent training program that focuses on safety and professionalism.

Roehl Transport

Roehl Transport” is a family-owned trucking company that takes pride in its commitment to safety and driver satisfaction. Inexperienced drivers at Roehl can benefit from paid CDL training, a guaranteed minimum weekly wage, and a supportive network of experienced mentors. They offer multiple divisions, allowing drivers to find the best fit for their career goals.

TMC Transportation

TMC Transportation” is renowned for its flatbed trucking services and its willingness to hire and train inexperienced drivers. They provide a paid, on-the-job training program and a solid compensation package that includes performance bonuses. TMC's emphasis on quality and safety makes it a great choice for those just starting in the industry.


Starting a career as a truck driver is an exciting journey, and finding the right company to begin with is crucial. The trucking companies listed in this article not only welcome inexperienced drivers but also offer competitive pay, comprehensive training, and opportunities for career growth. Whether you're looking for a company with extensive driver support like Schneider National or a flatbed specialist like TMC Transportation, there's a perfect fit for you among these top-paying trucking companies. Choose the one that aligns with your career goals and take your first step towards a rewarding career on the open road.

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