Top 5 Business Bank Accounts in the UK for 2024

Top 5 business bank accounts uk

Running a business in the UK means you need a good and useful business bank account to do well. The bank you pick to help with your money is really important. It decides how well your business money works and how smoothly your business runs. A good business bank account helps with handling money, using important financial tools, and keeping your business money healthy. Choosing the right bank for your money should match what your business needs. This helps your business run smoothly and be successful in the changing business world in the UK.

To help you decide, we've looked closely at the best 5 business bank accounts in the UK for 2024. We cover big ones known everywhere and also ones specially made for small businesses. This article talks about the important things each bank account offers, making sure you know what's good for your business before deciding.

HSBC Business Current Account: A Global Financial Powerhouse:

HSBC is a big bank that's good for businesses with different needs. They have special accounts that work well for many situations. HSBC makes online banking easy, gives you a manager to help, and has lots of ATMs. It's a great choice, especially if your business works in many countries. HSBC is flexible and really big, making it a good money partner if your company wants to grow and do business in many places. It's a good fit for businesses trying to reach more people around the world and expand what they can do.

Barclays Business Account: Nurturing Innovation for Business Growth:

Barclays is known for being creative, and their business accounts show this. The Barclays Business Account gives you online banking all the time, business help, and works well with popular accounting software. This makes it a good pick for businesses that want to use new technology for growing in the long run. The things they provide make it simple for businesses to deal with their money and stay organized. It shows that Barclays is committed to keeping up with new ideas and making it simple for businesses to use what they offer.

NatWest Business Account: Tailored Support for Small Enterprises:

If you have a small business and need some extra help, NatWest is a great choice. They created the NatWest Business Account just for small businesses, and you can use it for free for the first 18 months. They also have a simple phone app and different account options, making things flexible and convenient for small business owners. Many small business owners prefer NatWest, especially if they have small businesses. NatWest considers what small businesses need, making it easier for them to handle their money and keep their businesses running smoothly. With free banking for more than a year and an easy app, NatWest is a helpful friend for small businesses.

Lloyds Business Account: Stability for Established Businesses:

Lloyds is known for being dependable, offering different banking services that work well for businesses that have been around for a while. The Lloyds Business Account not only helps with everyday banking but also gives you choices for saving money for your business and handling payments. With a focus on stability, Lloyds supports businesses that have been running for a while, making sure they have all the financial solutions they need for ongoing success. They make sure to use new technology to keep your banking safe and easy. If your business likes stability and wants a bank that keeps up with what's new, Lloyds is a good pick. They offer ways to save money and handle payments, making them a reliable choice for businesses that want a safe and complete banking option.

Santander Business Current Account: Flexibility and Rewards;

Santander is a bank that can adjust to different business needs. They have a special account called the Santander Business Current Account. It comes with cool things like getting some money back and earning extra money on the money you have in your account. These perks are good for businesses, no matter how big or small they are. Santander stands out because it lets businesses choose what works best for them. With benefits like getting money back and earning extra, Santander helps businesses in different ways. They show they care about businesses by giving them options in the competitive world of business banking.


Choosing the best bank account for your business is really important and can affect how well your business does. The top 5 business bank accounts in the UK for 2024 – HSBC, Barclays, NatWest, Lloyds, and Santander – each have their own good points. HSBC is good for big businesses that work in many countries and make it easy to use their online banking and ATMs. Barclays, known for trying new things, has online banking all the time, plus help for businesses and links to accounting software, making it a great choice for businesses wanting to explore new technologies and manage money efficiently. NatWest is good for small businesses, giving free banking for 18 months and an easy phone app. Lloyds is steady and helps with saving money and getting payments, using new technology. Santander is good at changing things based on what you need, offering cool features like getting money back and earning extra on your money. When you look at these positive aspects and understand the common questions people usually have, you can make a wise choice for your business that suits your needs, getting you ready for financial success.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Can I open an HSBC business account online?

Ans: Absolutely! HSBC makes it easy for you. You can use their simple online application to open a business account right from your office or home.

What types of businesses are eligible for a Barclays business account?

Ans: Barclays helps all kinds of businesses, from new ones to big ones. They have different account options that work for different types of industries.

Is there a fee after the initial 18 months of free banking with NatWest?

Ans: After the first 18 months, NatWest shows you how much they charge clearly. You can pick a plan that fits your business without any surprise fees.

Can I access my Lloyds business account on my mobile device?

Ans: Certainly! Lloyds has an easy-to-use phone app, so you can easily handle your business money. It's convenient whether you're in the office or out and about.

What are the cashback rewards offered by Santander for business accounts?

Ans: Santander gives you cashback rewards on certain business expenses, like utilities and office supplies. The rewards can be different, so it's a good idea to check what they currently offer to get the most benefits.

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